About Me

Howdy. I’m Thomas Baumgardner, a filmmaker, among other things, currently residing in New Orleans. I grew up, for the most part, in Virginia Beach and received a Bachelor’s Degree at The College of William and Mary.

What I look like with a mustache. I do not look like this now, and probably never will again, thanks to the reaction my mustache received.

I’m now in New Orleans after attending The University of New Orleans and receiving an MFA in Film Production there.

I have many interests including: Film Directing, Editing, Screenwriting, illustration, acting, voice work, the list goes on.

I have a healthy sense of humor and a strong work ethic and I like to apply both to whatever project I put my mind to. I feel that I am skilled at working with others and I am happy to play even a small part in others’ projects; at the same time, I think I am good at leading a group when need be and at assembling the most talented and committed team possible.

If I were to pinpoint any particular element that I prioritize in my own work it would be a careful blend of drama and comedy. My UNO thesis film, in particular, embraces the tragicomic nature of the way people view each other and themselves.

I feel that even the most dire situation contains elements of absurdity, and even the most hilarious story contains some more sober implications.  Oftentimes, films, and other forms of narrative, take themselves too seriously, or not seriously enough, and I hope to make movies that are sure to cover the full range of our sometimes poignant, sometimes ridiculous experiences on this planet.

If you are interested in hiring me to work on anything related to the interests I mentioned or if you want to just send me money or free stuff for no reason please, by all means, contact me! You’ll find a Contact section here on the blog.




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Filmmaker, Editor, Actor, Illustrator, Handsome Person

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